Feb. 20th, 2016 11:52 pm
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Just come from my second viewing of this movie. No other way to put this - this movie is a work of modern art. Every damned moment, from opening titles ("Overpaid tool"!) to the closing scenes ("Go home"), hits the notes perfectly. Hilarious, violent, offensive - in short, everything a Deadpool movie should be. I may even go and see it for a third time!
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This movie is such appropriate viewing on Xmas Eve - but don't do it. It is an utterly run-of-the-mill horror movie - a group of young people trapped in a inescapable location where the spirit of a deranged serial killer roams about doing ..... well ..... deranged serial killer type things.

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I grabbed a copy of this movie for JB Hi-Fi today and watched it as soon as I got home. I can't say that I like CGI movies as a whole, but, that aside, this wasn't too bad. Much more like the original MI from the book rather than the very lightly armoured infantry of the movies to date. The plot was obvious - bugs have a plan, MI foil plan by the skin of their teeth and the bugs lose yet again but it wasn't badly executed for all that. The advantage of CGI is that the scale of the movie can be truly grand and this one certainly took advantage of that. The real measure is that, if they make another one of these, I'll buy it.
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I was really surprised by this movie - there was far less Cabin and far more of the "other stuff" than I expected. Still, funny, thrilling and Fran Kranz went up yet another notch in my estimation.
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Once: an accident
Twice: bad luck
Three times: stupidity
Four times: unspeakably foolish

I can't believe I got dragged along again to the fourth of these films but I did. I also can't believe that this one actually had some horror moments in it at last - sadly I had to wait about 85 minutes for that to happen but still .....
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Just been to see this movie and I can't say that I enjoyed it much. A number of times, I found myself thinking "Everybody stop talking and just DO something - anything!"

Even though the opening was stunning (but what was the point of the blood transfusion thing - false DNA evidence for the crash investigators, perhaps?), far too much of the film was spent with various characters telling us either why they did what they just did or explaining what they were about to do. Just get on with it  and then we'll draw our own conclusions -and if you can't do that from what is on the screen, you haven't made a very good movie. In addition, get an editor - this movie could have lost half an hour at least with no loss of story line.

Closing scenes were nice - got to love the ambiguity there.

In short, too much talk, not enough crash!
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It was strange experience, watching this movie. This will probably be the big one for Joss - good box office movie numbers, lots of money for the studio and get him offers to make lots of other movies. The movie was big, dramatic, enormous in scope, wonderful SFX, good acting - and I could care less. There wasn't any moment where I cared about any character, the outcome any battle or, after a while, whether any character even lived or died. In short this wasn't a Joss movie for me.

I left feeling like I had watched a good superhero movie - that just about anyone could have written and directed. It will be sad if this the movie that gets Joss into the Hollywood A-league because he did it by not being Joss. Congratulations to Joss for a big movie - but it just wasn't my kind of movie.
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Saw this movie with friends today and we unanimously agreed that

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Sometimes I watch a movie and wonder "What is this movie about?", other times I wonder "Why did the characters do that?" and yet other times I wonder "What the hell am I doing watching this movie?"

This movie is the third kind. Let me put it another way - when the portal misfires and takes them back to an apparently prehistoric dimension, I cheered because I would never have to meet these characters ever again!
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Combining two flavours of the month - the shaky cam perspective and the superhero deconstruction - this movie could have been a disaster.

*SPOILERS* follow. )
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I felt highly distracted during this movie - as soon as I saw that it was Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan, all I could think was "If they find that he really did die in the accident and this is all some kid's strange perception of dead people, I am going to be so very pissed."

Ignoring that side of things, the movie really was quite good with Willis doing some of his best acting (that I've seen) and Jackson being suitably enigmatic right to the final brilliant moments. Overall, a thrilling movie with at least two outstanding scenes - the kitchen gun scene (I really wasn't sure where that one was going to go, right to the last second) and the pool cover scene (the sense of terror and helplessness was spot on the mark).

In the end, a damned good movie, probably the best of Shyamalan's movies that I've seen.
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This movie is better than most in the more even-handed portrayal of Christian and Muslims during the time of the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem. That said, this is no historically correct epic but its portrayal of combat during that time is at least more realistic than most. The plot is somewhat predictable - peasant discovers secret noble father (or, to be strictly accurate, father discovers him), is recognised in his heritage, turns out to be "truly noble" and then fights with dignity and fairness. Truly, that's about it for the plot.
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I haven't really seen very much of Russell Brand but, as this movie shows, he can certainly carry a movie well. Brand is so close to the rock start persona anyway that the step-up for him is pretty easy, I think. He is entrancing as Aldous Snow, alternately grandiose and self-doubting, which is just as well because, aside from a wonderful cameo by Sean Combs as Sergio, there's not too much to remember this film for. It is reasonably funny ("When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall" is a wonderful quote and a great motif for the whole movie) but just not very memorable.
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I like a lot of Rowan Atkinson's work but he is not a leading man - and this movie is yet another example of that. I know it is supposed to be a funny satire of the Bond movies and the ideas are there - the opening foot pursuit with all the parkour moves, for example, but it just doesn't work for me. If this was done as a series of sketches on a comedy programme with an ensemble cast, it would work well but as a full-length movie, it just doesn't fly for me.

Dominic West and Gillian Anderson were both good - and it was funny seeing them both with English accents (West's, of course being very good!).
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This may sound strange to say, because I loved this movie, but I don't know why it was made. I mean that it is a hilarious, spot-on continuation of the series - Will is his usual pedantic awkward self, Simon is still mooning over Carli, Jay is still full of the weirdest and most obvious lies and Neil is ..... well, just Neil, with all that that entails!

However, there's no real reason to make this a movie - it could have just been a double (triple?)-length finale for the series. As I said, I did love it though with Neil's dance across the club being an absolute highlight - mind you the other three's contributions were equally hilarious!
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This was an interesting movie, done in the mockumentary style of a investigative animal doco. The mythology of werewolves was quite explicitly explored and at least the movie attempted to give a "rationalisation" of how werewolves could exist - hence the mockumentary style.

Not bad, if a little predictable but it could have done well as a pilot for a series, perhaps.
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I watched this movie today and was somewhat conflicted during the experience.

*SPOILERS follow. )
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I cannot believe that I got conned into seeing this movie!

Plot? See #2.
Plot of #2? See #1.
Plot of #1? blah blah blah SCREAM blah blah blah SCREAM blah blah blah WEIRD SHIT HAPPENS blah blah blah THE END.
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I liked this movie - faithful to the "original' (the sequel to this one) but with it's own touches.

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