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But he is immortal! )
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Remember Life lesson #5 - it was nearly twice in a day today!
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Never inhale cabanossi - that stuff sticks like glue!
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When brushing your teeth, ensure the bristle end of the toothbrush goes in your mouth and the handle goes in your hand. Any variation on this just ends in minty palms and poorly cleaned teeth.
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When pruning your standard flowering Peruvian violet, watch out for the horizontal branches growing at about nostril height - when ones of those rams up your nose, much blood results.

Yet another good reason never to go gardening.
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Never butter bread angry - it only leads to tears and piles of oily breadcrumbs 
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Right shoe for right foot, left shoe for left foot - no other combination works so well.
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I realise that, in the heat of the moment, commentators say silly things but these two gems really stand out for me:

  1. After James Rodriguez' first goal vs Uruguay "That's a goal that you could pour over your strawberries on a warm summer night ...... *awkward pause* ..... uh, because it is the cream of the goals ..... uh, the cream. Anyway ..... " Even he knew he had gone a step too far!

  2. Five minutes before the end of the Brazil vs Germany semifinal "We've only five minutes to go and Brazil just need to get seven to take this game into extra time." There was a very long pause afterwards - again, even he had to figure that a statement like that was just ridiculous.

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Take your name badge off before getting on the train.

Not only will the crazy-eyed, wild-haired guy talk to you on the train (because he does anyway) but now he knows your name (and your place of work). This gives him far more things "in common" with you to talk about. In addition, when you finally get to sit down (about six rows apart), he can continue talking to you at the top of his voice whilst, incidentally, looking in the opposite direction and using your name about every third word to make sure that you ARE REALLY LISTENING TO HIM!
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When making a Vegemite sandwich, put Vegemite in it - it helps.
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Thousand of homes in Christchurch may have to be abandoned - it feels like my beautiful home city is fading away, a tremor at a time.
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Jon Blake died yesterday - I always wondered where such a talented young actor went. To find that he lived for the past 25 years with severe brain damage was such a surprise.
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Deliberately NOT behind a cut!

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It's the 22nd - Judgement Day came and went. Nobody appears to have been "taken up" or whatever you want to call it. Mind you, I have do have an interview with my boss tomorrow so maybe that's the start of my "5 months of torment". Given the way she can talk, it will probably feel like the entire 5 months after the first 5 minutes of the interview!
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Didn't even realised that he had died until I read this today. His ideas certainly influenced and changed my professional practices over the last twenty-five years. His influence will be missed.
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We have now heard from all friends who were in the Christchurch CBD during the earthquake. All are well and uninjured although some have gone back to damaged homes. Just a few more people to hear from - but it is the same two couples who took a while to get in touch after the September 2010 quake so we're not that worried.
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Christchurch's death toll climbs still, unfortunately and is likely to keep doing so. At least there have been no major after-shocks so far.

There is at least one piece of good news for us though:
about 1 minute in - that's Mike Harvey - one of our friends being interviewed. Seeing tanks on the streets is always a little jarring though.


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