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Yes, just saw the first of the Hot Cross buns in the shops today! Good Grief!

On a brighter note that may mean that the chocolate chip Hot Cross buns are just that closer to coming out too.


Jan. 13th, 2016 11:11 pm
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Just had my first chocolate chip Hot Cross buns of the year! I love it when they start this early.


Jun. 21st, 2015 10:31 pm
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Just had dim sim from the fish and chip shop (yes, I really should know better). I had reconciled myself to the fact that they would deep-fried but when they deep-fried and in batter too that was a step too far!
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I bought some Red Velvet Tim Tam's today - not bad at all. The biscuits are definitely red velvet flavoured and the filling is a creamier filling than usual. Really quite a nice combination. 
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Just had some Whittaker's L&P white chocolate - it's certainly a different taste. I did eat it at room temperature so I am also going to eat it once it has been in the 'fridge for a while to see if that makes any difference.

It certainly tastes quite strongly of L&P (via shards of L&P flavoured popping candy)  and it also tastes of white choclate (obviously) but whether those two tastes should be together or not is the question.

ETA: 8 hours in the 'fridge and they do taste a bit better!
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Never inhale cabanossi - that stuff sticks like glue!
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I went to eat at Nando's in the CBD today, having run some long and boring errands in Duncraig. There on the menu is another new flavour - mango & lime. Never let it be said that I wont try new flavours - so I did. Not bad, given that I thought it might be too sweet with the mango in there. Instead, it was the lime that was dominant so this was tangy and light with just a bit of the mango flavour. Definitely worth having again.
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Nando's has a new flavour - Churrasco BBQ! When did this happen?
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Finallly got to have lunch at the recently opened Yogi Contemporary Indian Restaurant - had the goat curry and it was perfection on every count. Beautiful atmosphere and attentive service made it a memorable meal. I'll definitely be going back again.
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We went out for lunch today to celebrate the end of the semester for the students. We went to Hog's Breath - my own meal was very nice but a number of the other meals turned up late and/or cold. We were a very big party (27 people) but to their absolute credit, Hog's Breath responded by gifting us desserts - out came three free Hoggies Rocky Road Sundaes.

Good recovery guys - and much appreciated by all of us!

It's back!

May. 26th, 2012 10:57 pm
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I just had my first McRib since the 1980's - and it tasted just as nice as it did then!

Nuck Yeah!

Jan. 18th, 2012 09:05 pm
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True story!
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..... or rather, I just ate my first chocolate chip hot cross buns of the year! WOOHOO!
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KETTLE LIME & CHILLI - YESSSSSSSSSS (and yes, they do make me shout!)
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Cookbook of Ice and Fire - I want to see the recipe for rat on a stick!
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During a flying visit to Perth today (trying to get back in time to watch the football), we went to Burger Edge for lunch - just for a change, I went for a Porterhouse burger.

Holy crap, I will never be able to eat another burger again because this was utter perfection!
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Whilst in Perth, it is now my favourite lunch spot - Burger Edge and I went for my favourite Mexican burger again. Just as nice as last time and, if anything, even bigger than I remember it. Very nice lunch, indeed.
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My current discovery - Cherry Ripe Dark Cherry. Just perfection but hard to find at times!
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Went to the NAIDOC celebrations today (yes, weeks late, I know, let's not talk about that, OK?) and had some lemon myrtle custard tarlets. Holy crap, what a taste - just so spot on that I had to have "several"!


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