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Forgeworld continues to make models that I love, whether I need them for my army or not. The latest to catch my eye is the Space Marine Assault Boarding upgrade set. Just have a look at some of the thumbnails for the coolness. Damn but I don't need them!

Battle #60

Aug. 31st, 2011 10:38 pm
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Whoops, forgot to write the Battle Report on Tuesday! It was a 1000 point Planetstrike game against Grey Knights tonight, me fighting as defender with my usual marines
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Managed to play a game of 40K tonight, just for a change. It was Planetstrike and I kicked ass - tabled him! Detailed report tomorrow.
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This time it is the Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher - I don't even play Guard but I want one of these!
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I bought an Airfix Robogear Battle Model Kit for some proxies for my SST Forth army. I can use the 20 troopers as rebel colony militia but more importantly, I can use the walkers as Fenris walkers and 2 spider walkers. I just need to get a few more GW Tau Stealth suits to use for Fenos walkers and my Forth army will be complete.

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Despite yesterday's vow not to play again until my back could settle, somehow I ended up playing TWO games again as The Ringer today so I am really sore now!

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This is the not OK side for me - my back is now in spasm and my feet hurt so much after today's game that I am hobbling around like an 80-year old! Not sure how I fix it because the whole postural/stretching thing is just at exactly the wrong height for me. No more 40K until I can get the fixed!

Battle #57

Aug. 6th, 2011 10:33 pm
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This was the game I wasn't supposed to be playing since I just went along to watch PAGS' No Mercy tournament.

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I thought that the GW expansions of the Realm of Battle Boards were utterly boring but Forge World has now come up with a great addition - the Imperial Strongpoint. It looks good and really adds to the look of the board. Of course, it costs an arm and a leg but that's FW for you!
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I really like the look of the Crassus armoured carrier - ironically not for 40K but for rebel militia and/or colonists for SST.
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Yawn! 'Nuff said about this movie!

Battle #56

Jan. 8th, 2011 07:03 pm
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This was the long-awaited Apoc game against 6k of Tim's Daemons.

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Got everything for the 6000 point Apoc game tomorrow - holy crap, there's a lot of stuff to haul around for a game that big!

SM codex - check
Rule book - check
Apoc rule book - check
Apoc expansion book - check
Apoc templates - check
small templates - check
buckets o' dice - check
tape measures - check
about 7K of models - check (some of the cases contain excess figures)

and I think that's about it.
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Two of my three Apoc games just got cancelled - just the one on Saturday at the Open Day left now! Should still be fun though!
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Sounds like I've got 3 40K Apoc games lined up in the next few weeks - one on the Open Day (8th January) and a couple on the weekend after that. Better read the rule book again - it's been a while since the last big game, possible more than a year, I think?
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..... the Ultramarines movie, that is and the clips look quite good. The next question is, do I buy it, sight unseen or wait to see if some longer clips become available and then decide? Hmmmm .....
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This time it's the Land Raider Achilles. Not only does that model look good - I've seen a number of converted Land Raider/Thunderfire combinations before but this one places the cannon just right - but I also love the rules, in particular, Ferromantic Invulnerability which neutralises all lance and melta special rules and, if that wasn't enough, also reduces all rolls on the damage table by 1.
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Having bought the core rule book for Starship Troopers: The Miniatures Game on Saturday, I've spent the last two days reading it. The game mechanic is quite dissimilar to 40K (and simpler, it would seem given that this book is 128 pages instead of 40K's 450+ pages). I think Dave and I may have a go with proxy models next week (Space Marines for MI and 'Nids for bugs - why not?) to get a hang of the rules. I need to take photocopies of the templates in that case and buy a handful of d10's before next Monday.
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The next big 40K release is Dark Eldar:
"Incoming! Dark Eldar
Today at UK Games Day we announced the re-launch of the Dark Eldar and unveiled a wicked host of new Dark Eldar miniatures. Jes Goodwin, lead Dark Eldar designer, was there to answer questions about his latest creations and show off the cover art from the new Codex. As newsletter subscribers we felt that you should be the first to hear the news and catch a glimpse of Jes and his team's stunning work. Make sure you check out the 'What's New Today' section on every day next week, as we'll be showing more of the Dark Eldar, including some of Jes' concept sketches and early design work. The new Dark Eldar will be available to advance order from Tuesday 5th October. Brace yourself, gaming in the 41st Millennium is about to become a lot more frightening."

(from today's GW newsletter)
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I don't even have Necrons but I want a Necron Tomb Stalker!


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