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Jan. 26th, 2012 10:37 pm
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Having watched Burn Notice for the first time in ages yesterday, who should I see today when I turned the television on but Jeffrey Donovan in Spin City!
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It is a long time since I have got to watch a new episode of Burn Notice on TV (because the TV is playing up on all the HD channels!) so actually getting to see this episode was a real bonus. Good episode and I enjoyed it a lot but I have two observations:
1) What the hell is with Jeffrey Donovan's hair? That new style looks weird on him and
2) I loved the continuing reference to yoghurt, specifically blueberry in this episode - and the self-referential joke about it.
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S5 opened to good figures according to The Live feed. Glad to see there's no Year Five Fatigue happening!

ETA: Holy Crap! There's a Burn Notice online graphic novel!
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..... sort of. Sydney at least will get it on 11th June - the rest of us will just have to wait, damnit!
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According to TVShowsOnDVD, the release date is 7th June. Now let's hope the R4 date is not too far behind that!
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According to TV Tonight, TEN will start showing S4 on Thursday, 12th August at 9.30pm.


And about bloody time too!
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A Burn Notice prequel TV movie - could go either way on this one!
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There's a very comprehensive interview with Matt Nix at CraveOnline about the new season. I like Nix's approach to things - it sounds like a lot of work goes into making things realistic but there's also a spontaneity around what happens. Also sounds like there are some good storylines coming up, along with some good guest stars. The mention of Burn Notice: The Movie made me salivate but I'm sure that was a tongue-in-cheek mention.
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According to Variety, USA Network has already ordered S5 and S6 before S4 has even aired, such is their faith in the programme. It also looks like they will be good length seasons with S5 being at least 15 and S6 at least 18 episodes.

Plenty more Burn Notice goodies in the line then!

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According to TVShowsOnDVD, the release date should be June 1st - there's some nice-looking cover art there too. Obviously we have lagged seriously behind because we are getting the R4 S2 release five days after this!

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It looks like it will be 5th May, according to EzyDVD. That's about 5 weeks earlier than in the US! WOOHOO!
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From the description at CBR, it sounds like it was a very entertaining and fun panel, even if it was more about Bruce Campbell rather than the show.
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The Burn Notice S2 gag reel is very funny - I had always wondered how well all of that rapid-fire banter got done.

The gag reel is here. )
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TV Shows on DVD confirms that the release date is June 16 and also lists the extras - and there's a fair few of them

all listed here. )
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Just as a I was searching around for other information, I stumbled across this tabulation of TV ratings. Top Cable show? Burn Notice, of course with 4.44 million homes, 6.94 million viewers (I know the article says 6094 million but I am fairly certain that SIX BILLION people didn't watch!) for March 2nd-8th.
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According to TVShowsOnDVD it should be released on 16th June. Now I just have to wonder about the R4 date - so far I haven't been able to find any indication of that, or, indeed, if - I'm just assuming (and hoping!)
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I just noticed that Todd Goldberg is writing a second Burn Notice novel called The End Game. The US release date is 5th May so we should get it some time around then. I thought the first one, also written by Goldberg, was really good so it's likely that I'll buy this one too.
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From Spoiler TV, here the all of the titles for the second half of Burn Notice's S2

Cut for the 'phobes! )
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Burn Notice got renewed for a third season - and it's a 16 episode order. WOOHOO! (on both scores)
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Just wandering about looking for stuff to take back for the spawn when I stumbled across The Fix. Boy, does Goldberg get the voices of Michael, Sam and Fiona right! It sounds like an episode, even in the first couple of pages I read in the bookshop. I snapped it up instantly and I think that's going to be my reading for the next few days. WOOHOO!


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