Holy crap!

Dec. 30th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Just finished watching The Event on DVD. In the end, I'm was very disappointed that it got cancelled

and here is why - with many *SPOILERS* )
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Went back to JB Hi-Fi today and got Survivors: Season 2 which came out today (and already had $5 off the RRP!) but then noticed Flashforward: Season 1 for just $39.98 (47% discount) so I bought that too.

The Event

Oct. 9th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Even though it feels a little like V meets Lost meets FlashForward, I am interested by the two episodes of The Event that I have seen so far. The plot has had enough surprises that my curiosity is satisfied without having so many surprises that it becomes incoherent. Let's see if it can keep that balance going.
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I posted yesterday that I had just finished watching the last 8 episodes of FlashForward - but that wasn't quite true because I still had about 20 minutes to go on that last episode. Having watched it today, I realised that it was actually the penultimate episode and the final episode didn't get recorded.


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I finally got to watch the last 8 episodes of FlashForward off my DVR - you know, regardless of whatever else the viewing figures suggest, I thought this series got better as it went on. Fiennes and Monaghan between them (oh, and Cho too) did a great job of ramping the tension up and carrying the story along. I am really disappointed that the series got cancelled - I'm definitely going to be first in line on 20th October when it comes out on DVD here (and the new box art looks really good, imo).
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Finally, some good FlashForward news - the R4 release date is 20th October 2010, according to EzyDVD.
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I know it's a pointless campaign but I love the idea of recreating the blackout as a protest for FlashForward's cancellation.

Video behind the cut. )
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According to TVShowsOnDVD, the full season box set will be released on 31st August for this region. Just checking all the Australian sites, but none of them have any R4 release details yet.

Damn it

May. 14th, 2010 11:10 pm
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FlashForward cancelled! Damn it!
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According to SCI FI Wire, the ratings for FlashForward plunged to an all-time low for this week's episode. The chances of survival for this programme are looking increasingly grim.

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It may not seem like much but at least FlashForward now appears on the EzyDVD site, admittedly still as a future release. Though not definitive, it is at least strongly suggestive of the fact that it will get released here.
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Although FlashForward's ratings remain low, this week it managed to jump from 4th to 3rd in the table with a 3.7/6, up from 3.4/6 last week. Small glimmer of hope but I'll take it.
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The latest ratings for FlashForward continue to fall each week although the rate of descent has at least slowed a little!

It makes S2 all the less likely.
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This article from Airlock Alpha gives rare positive spin on the chances of FlashForward getting a second season. We can only hope!
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The nominations are up for this year's Hugo Awards - and under the category BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION - SHORT FORM, both Dollhouse Epitaph 1 and FlashForward No More Good Days are nominated.
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FlashForward's ratings fell even further for its series return (and supposed re-launch. falling to its lowest ratings ever, according to Airlock Alpha. This does not bode well for its continued survival, I suspect!
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From the sounds of this (*SPOILERS* in the link) SCI FI Wire article, FlashForward is really going to try to pick up pace a little more for the rest of this season. This seems to be coming across consistently in a number of articles and interviews about the second half of the season. I've said this before but let's just hope they do a good job of it and the whole thing doesn't just get dumbed down.
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Here's an excellent recap of FlashForward, ready for the re-launch after it's winter hiatus. I really hope this series picks up because I enjoyed the story at lot. I liked the pacing of the first episodes and intricacies of the story - but it appears that lots of people didn't.
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From the sounds of this (*SPOILERS* in the link) FlashForward interview, they have re-jigged the episodes to have better pacing and more answers. As long as this hasn't dumbed everything down, I'm all for it!


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