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Ozzy at his finest. )
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Walking around JB-Hifi on Saturday, I saw an old favourite - Diablo II and expansion - for just $10 each. At that price, who could resist? Consequently, I have spent most of the last three days getting usd to that slightly warped 3D perspective that so used to drive me crazy. Fun times, all over again!
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David Boreanaz on Married ..... with Children? According to IMDb, I sure did! Very strange moment, indeed!
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Here's a track I haven't heard for years but it was a real favourite
The Jam: I Got By In Time  )

I'm amused

Aug. 15th, 2011 10:51 pm
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Just read two quotes, not sure where but here they are:

"I really hate it when people compare Angus Young to God. Seriously, I mean he's great and all, but he's no Angus Young"


"God said "Let there be rock!" and Angus Young said "Say please!""
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I saw the original V series in the 80's and well remember the "big reveal" moment but it looks like the 2011 version will be even cooler, picture courtesy of (*SPOILER* in the link) USA Today. I like the new look although I haven't really enjoyed the new series very much.
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Meccano: The Movie - huh?
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I've probably posted this one before.
Armagideon Time )
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Just finished the last two episodes of S1 and all of S2 of one of my all-time favourite series - the 70's original Survivors. I remember being a little frustrated by this season when I first saw it but watching it now, I like it a great deal - despite it being so very English, so very middle class and so very domestic. I ignore the former two and focus on the latter. It is a good step away from the confusion and randomness of S1 - but Abby's presence is sorely missed.
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Look at what I got today in Perth: Survivors - the original series, that is, not the recent remake AND all three seasons.

Holy crap! HOLY CRAP!


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:17 pm
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David Eddings died yesterday, aged 77. I can say that he was the guy who got me reading fantasy - prior to my discovery of Pawn of Prophecy in the early 80's, I read hard science fiction only and thought that there were very clear boundaries between the two (but that's a whole 'nother story!). Sorry to see him go - I had always hoped for another series from him but it is not to be now.
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A friend of mine got free tickets to the WA Reds vs Sydney Bulls Rugby League game tonight but he couldn't go so he gave them to me. WOOHOO! Thanks David (and Sharon).

It was an interesting experience culturally because OMG, talk about Bogan Central!
I have never seen so many mullets in the same places since, well, forever.
I have never seen so many stone-washed skinny black jeans since about 1983.
I have never so many seriously drunk people manage to remain standing - who knew Jim Beam and Coke came in bulk catering packs?

And finally, it was like going back home to NZ - so many kiwi accents, it was like walking through Cathedral Square on a Saturday night!

Oh, and the games were really good too!


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