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I've made a huge mistake - I bought it! Just not funny.
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According to Jason Bateman talking to the MA Times, the movie is still a possibility although it sounds as if Mitch Hurwitz hasn't even started a script. If this ever does happen, it's clearly going to be a long time away.
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According to Dark Horizons, the Arrested Development is probably off and Veronica Mars movie is probably on ..... maybe
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project has now moved into the scripting phase which creator Mitchell Hurwitz said would only happen once all the principal actors were on board. One step closer .....

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Lone hold-out, Michael Cera is in, so it looks like the Arrested Development movie is on.

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From this Dark Horizons article:
"There's no script or anything, so the movie I think is more hypothetical than people think. I'd possibly play the part. I'd possibly put the script in my shredder... I'm enjoying being the villain" said the actor ....."
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I watched the final six episodes of S3 of Arrested Development today. I think I had only seen these final few once or twice before. I had forgotten just how meta it all became after they knew they were cancelled - the 3-D scenes, the "Live" scenes, the whole HBO/Showtime plug from the characters, the "guest stars" - but all kept within character and plot. Just so very funny, very clever and very sad.

And such a sweet, sweet ending.

Also the funniest commentary ever - for Mr. F, I think, where the cast ring Jeffrey Tambor as they are doing the commentary because he's not there to do it when he was supposed to be. There's almost nothing in the commentary at all about the episode and yet you can hear the humour and warmth in the cast.
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I spent the day watching S2 and the start of S3 of Arrested Development.

"Well, that's a freebie!"

"I'm a monster!"

Uncle Jack! Rita! Bob Loblaw! Bob Loblaw's Law Blog!

Just genius and just criminal that it was cancelled.
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I spent the day watching the whole of S1 on DVD today. Whilst I hadn't really forgotten just how good the series is, I had forgotten just how many lines of genius quality there are in every episode. There are just too many to quote them all but "Steve Holt!" remains one of the funniest.
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According to Dark Horizons, the only holdout for the Arrested Development movie is Michael Cera. If that many are in and just one is out, then make it without him is my vote - but it will have a major effect on the dynamic of the movie, I feel.
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Hot on the heels of the Dead Like Me movie news is the possibility of an Arrested Development movie! Now if this comes out, I will be very happy! It seems like it is still very early days, according to the article, but cast responses seem to be uniformly positive and, even more importantly, Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are both on board.

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..... Arrested Development.

"Bob Loblaw Law Blog"

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So which AD character am I?

I am ..... )
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Bob Loblaw Law Blog - funniest line yet!

And yet this gem is gone. Idiots!

The "Last Day on Set" extra was as heart-breaking as the blooper reel was funny.

The sheer genius of the writing and acting on this is so apparent.

And yet this gem is gone. Idiots! (whoops, I may have said that before!)
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Went shopping to day.

Not only did Blackout finally turn up in the shops (so what's wrong with yelling "YAY!" in the middle of the store, Mr. Security Guard?) but I got Arrested Development S3 for AUS$23.95 (that's US$18.83) and Reservoir Dogs Collector's Edition for AUS$5.92 (yes, just US$4.65). I haven't seen that edition of Reservoir Dogs before - the second disc has all kinds of extras:

- Deleted scenes
- Alternative angles
- Cast & crew interviews
- Tribute to Lawrence Tierney
- Director's tribute
- Class of '92 feature
- Small Dogs documentary
- Film noir web
- Select scene commentary
- K-Billy interactive radio
- Style guide
- Securing the shot documentary
- Trailer
- Poster gallery.

I'm not sure which one to start on first!
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I just spent the afternoon watching the first ten episodes of this funny twisted programme. Saw the extended pilot for the first time today too - don't quite know how I missed that, first time around but there you go. This just gets better every time I watch it. I hope they hurry up and release Season 3 here (Australia) soon.


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