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Just searching through EzyDVD's website looking for something else and noticed this - Shameless - Series 3 gets released on 3rd March! WOOHOO! Let's hope they release the rest of the seasons reasonably quickly after this.

I say again - WOOHOO!
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No more Shameless - I just realised that last week's episode was the S7 finale. That means I won't see any more new Shameless until about November! Damn!
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Just finished watching Shameless S2 on DVD. I had forgotten just how good this season was - the writing hit its peak (imo) and the focus was almost exclusively on the Gallaghers. There was the highlight of Sue and Marty's first encounter and the sadness of Steve and Fiona's eventual parting. Sheila was at her manic breathless best too. In fact, I don't think this season hit a flat point anywhere. It's probably matched only by S3 - another very good season.
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Just finished watching Shameless S7e06 - when Liam went over the edge of that building, I though he was done for!
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Just finished watching Shameless S7e05 - the ability of this programme to tear my heart out whilst simultaneously making me laugh never ceases to amaze me. Karen's struggle continues to be powerful whilst the fight between Carl and Ian was just brutal.
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Just finished watching Shameless S7e03 - Karen Maguire (Rebecca Atkinson) just removed my heart with every anguished scream.
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A US version of Shameless?

Regardless of whatever else William H. Macy has done, I cannot imagine hearing Frank's immortal catch-cry "Make poverty history - cheaper drugs now!" coming out of Macy's mouth.
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Just finished watching this episode - I have missed this series so much. The second that music starts, shivers just run up and down my spine. "Make poverty history - cheaper drugs now!" is the greatest chant of all time, I think.

My only truly great disappointment is that there was no Debbie and, from the casual way she was mentioned in passing - "Debbie's away in the Army now" - I don't think we'll see her again soon. My favourite character gone - but then Liam has stepped up big time. His part in this was gigantic and he carried every second of it - very impressive. Franks' new love (Libby) looks like an absolute gem - I hope we get to see her again.

Overall, this was everything that makes Shameless great - and given that David Threlfall was the director, even more impressive.

9/10 (only losing out on the perfect score because Debbie's gone).
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Shameless R4 S2 on DVD - on 7th October according to EzyDVD!

WOOHOO (and about bloody time too)!
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Shameless S7 will be back on SBS ONE at 10pm Monday 20th September, according to TV Tonight.

That can only result in one comment:
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I'm so glad to see this series looking and feeling like its old self again after last week's rather serious and dour installment. Many highlights for me but two stand out:
1) Mimi in tears and sobbing, having just watched Bambi and relating it to her own life and
2) the closing shots of Micky in his riding helmet.

Thank goodness that this is all back on track again.
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WOOHOO! We get S6, starting in a couple of weeks time, according to TV Tonight. Now let's just hope SBS don't screw around with the air-dates like they did for S5.

So funny

Oct. 6th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Frank Gallagher: If there's one thing I have learned in this life, it's that you never raise your hand to your child - you leave your bollocks unprotected.

God I love this programme!
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Just watched this episode.

Genius, just genius:

Frank: Eradicate poverty forever - cheaper drugs NOW!

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Just watched S3e2 of Shameless and everything is on track again.

Best line:
Sheila: It's just an ordinary family home!

So wrong and yet so funny. But there was sad too (and that's what makes it back on track more than anything - one moment you're laughing so hard you're crying, next minute, it is real tears)!

Looking forward to next week's ep so much, now that the writing seems to have found its feet again!
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I watched Season 301 (or was it the 2005 Xmas special?) last night. Either way, I am very disappointed - this seems to have just lost its sense of humour! All the elements were there - Frank drunk, crazed and ineffectual, Debbie doing wacky things, Kev flirting (with unpredictable results), Sheila being her breathless frantic self, Lip, Ian and Carl trying to swagger and look tough, even Monica and Norma put in an appearance and yet - nothing. I just didn't find this funny. It was as if the writer had been told to put these elements in but had no idea what to do with them.

I suppose the one and only funny bit (and, when I think about it, I found this very funny) was the post-credits scene with Kev and Veronica's "lesson"!

I hope the rest of season 3 is better than this - one more of these and I'm out, I think!


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