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Just finished watching the Dr. Horrible DVD - I'd forgotten about David Fury and Marti Noxon's cameo. Also, I'd never seen the Commentary: The Musical so that was certainly a bonus!
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Just went into to JB Hi-Fi for some last minute presents - and there was the Dr. Horrible DVD. I grabbed it immediately. Strangely, their own website doesn't even have a link to it but I have it any way! WOOHOO!
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As always, Supanova was heaps of fun

and here's why. )
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Sexual Rhetoric in the Works of Joss Whedon - due out on 26th January 2011. Not sure how I didn't see the original announcement for it but it certainly sounds interesting from the blurb:
Topics covered include the role of virginity, lesbianism and homoeroticism in the shows and the comics, the nature of masculinity and femininity and gender stereotypes, an exploration of sexual binaries, and a ranking of the Buffy characters on the Kinsey scale of sexuality.
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There are three preview pages for the new Dr. Horrible comic at io9

and they are here too. )
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There's an interesting interview with Zack Whedon over at , along with the TPB Cover

and that's here too. )
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The cover and blurb for this TPB are at Comics Continuum

and they are here too. )
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There are six preview pages for this at MTV

and they are here too. )
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I inflicted the entire Emmy Awards ceremony on myself last night in order to see the Dr. Horrible bit - but I never saw it! Did I miss it? Did it never happen? Anyone see it?
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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog just won an Emmy!

Actually that's worth a second louder one:

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There is a blurb and three covers for this comic at Comics Continuum

and they are all here too. )
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DHSAB just won a Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

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From CBR, in the coming months there will be:
an adaptation of "The Cabin in the Woods"
new "Dr. Horrible" comic books
comic book version of "The Guild"
Patton Oswalt is working on a "Serenity" comic book about Wash
a Joss-written one-shot in December focusing on Willow.

Also from CBR, Bill Willingham will be the new AtS writer. From the sounds of the interview, he's got some interesting ideas about where the series is going to go after issue #27.

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This year's nominations feature a number of TV series I like: BSG with 11, Dollhouse with 5 and TSCC with 2. Dr. Horrible's in there too for Best Web Production and Whedonesque is also nominated for Best Web site.

full list here. )
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No, really, that was Moist (or at least his origin story) as written by Zack Whedon. I liked the story although the art not so much. Funny yet poignant and I love the splicing into Dr. Horrible's story.


Sep. 11th, 2008 07:10 pm
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The cover and blurb for this volume are in the Comics Continuum Dark Horse December solicitations

and they are both here too. )
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Main reports seem to indicate that there will be more Dr. Horrible. I'm not sure much else got discussed from reports so far!
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The third act is available here. Every bit as good as the first two - but dark and twisted this time! WOOHOO!

David Fury and Marti Noxon as singing news readers! WOOHOO!
Drew Goddard and Doug Petrie in the Evil League of Evil! WOOHOO!

Finish now, all "WOOHOO'ed" out.

Nope one more. WOOHOO!

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Act II is available here. And even though I didn't think it possible, even better than Act I. And much more of the usual Joss pathos in there. Dr. Horrible may be the nominal villain but Capt. Hammer is the real Big Bad of the peace.

YAY for Dr. Horrible!

BOO! Captain Hammer. BOO!

ETA: "the keys to a shiny new Austrlia" - OK that crosses the boundaries of good taste! ;-)
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I managed to slide three Dr. Horrible-isms into my conversation at work, today, two of which worked and one, not so much.

First, on the difficulty of aligning internal procedures to changing external requirements: "The status is not quo!"
Rating: Public understanding 10/10 Humour: 7/10

Second, during discussion of people making bad decisions due to an overestimation of their own importance: "That's so Johnny Snow!"
Rating: Public understanding 0/10 Humour: 1/10

Third, on inadequate planning with a short-term focus: "Don't plan the plan if you can't follow through."
Rating: Public understanding 10/10 Humour: 5/10

Not bad for a first effort, I feel!


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