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I went to Supanova today. It was a lot better organised this year and the crowding around the main entrance was vastly reduced which made for a much more pleasant experience.

I got autographs from Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin - both in my copy of Serenity: Those Left Behind HC, which already has signatures from Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk. Nathan joked that it would be worth a lot of money after he died and when I told him about the other signatures (and the fact that that I intended to get the last three as well), he said it would be worth a really big lot of money. Considering that he had been signing for about 2 hours without a break by this time, it was impressive that he could still make any kind of joke. Adam Baldwin seemed impressed that I had come from 100km away on the train - quite routine for me but he seemed to think it was cool.

It was a long time in the queues - even though Nathan's moved quickly, there were a hell of a lot of people in front of me. Adam's moved more slowly because he was taking some time to talk to each person and personalise their autographs but it was a little shorter so it didn't take as long.

Cosmic Comics had a stand so I went over to have a look and got The Walking Dead Book 11 HC - I thought I usually got these in September each year (and usually from Cosmic Comics as it is my "local store" - it's about 35 kms away) but obviously this one came out way earlier.

Overall, a much more pleasant experience than last year - my only disappointment was that Morena Baccarain had to cancel. If she had come, that would have left only 2 signatures to get but as it is, I still have three to go. Here's to next year! 
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According to Spinoff Online, there has been a "shutdown of the Vancouver production offices in the wake of casting and budgetary issues". Ominous signs - and it sounds like there are major concerns in both of those areas, if the article is right. Worrying signs for any production, let alone one that haas been as unstable as this one.
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I like the look of Walking Dead Covers HC so I'll definitely be looking for that the next time I'm in Perth. I guess that the Walking Dead HC Vol. 7 should be out fairly soon too.
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I got this TPB from the library today. I'm quite impressed because it does quite a good job of catching the feel of the first movie without trying to reproduce it directly and yet it leads very nicely into the second movie. The artwork is very rough and grainy which only adds to the feel of the whole thing. Next time I'm up in Perth, I'll see if I can buy it, I think.
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Just finished reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Panel to Panel and it was an excellent read. Yes, the artwork is very well reproduced and the book is of a very high quality but what was really fascinating to me was Chis Ryall's commentary on all the issues of the comics. The insights he gives into how stories came about and why some artists disappeared mid-run was great. The little bit of Fray in there warmed my heart.

Seriously, a good purchase, even if you don't like much of the artwork in the early comics.
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This TPB collected the five Spotlight issues: Illyria, Gunn, Wesley, Doyle and Connor. I know now why I like multi-arc comics more than one-shots (generally) because all five stories seemed a bit simple and linear for my liking. However, that was the format here so I will look at each of the stories with that in mind. None of these stories worked 100% for me but some were definitely better than others.

The rest of the spoilery review is back here. )
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I wasn't really too sure how this one was going to go because I didn't really know the writer or artist. However, this team really came up with a great tale.

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I loved the first two TPB's in this series and so bought this one with great anticipation. Just for once, I didn't like Joss' writing very much

until )
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The Pride of Baghdad is an allegory that is sophisticated enough that it will join the pantheon of great graphic novels(Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight Returns, Maus etc) as its reputation spreads.

The spoiler-laden review is back here. )

300 HC

Mar. 11th, 2007 09:51 pm
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Just finished reading this and I am very impressed.

Review cut for courtesy. )
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Finished reading this last night and loved every panel of it. I haven't read any other Top 10 book so I really have started at the beginning since this is the story of the founding of Neopolis in 1949, a couple of years after World War 2 finishes (well, finishes in this existence, any way!)

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I can't say that I read much Spider-Man stuff - just doesn't interest me usually but I grabbed this one from the library on a whim - and I am really glad that I did.

The reasons - and MANY SPOILERS - are behind the cut. )
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At first glance, this comic could look like it would end up with a similar review to JLA: Justice for All. On paper (sorry, unintentional pun) it looks quite similar - a plethora of villains and frantic, end-to-end action but I liked this one a whole lot more!

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I will confess that I usually find JLA books frantic in their approach (not that I have read that many, though) and bewildering in their array of characters - and, sadly, this one was no exception.

Behind the cut as usual. )
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Having never read any other The Authority, I can only comment on this one. I thought it was good although there was the occasional bit that seemed wedged in for the sake of it.

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Good interview with Scott Tipton (author of the Auld Lang Syne series) at Fractal Matter. If you are absolute spoilerphobe, don't go there - but he did have some interesting ideas about some future projects. There are no spoilers in anything below. Two quotes particularly interested me:

"I'd love to do more with Illyria, and never really got to work with Gunn at all. I've got some notions for an Angel/Spike/Illyria team-up story that I'd love to sink my teeth into. Time will tell"


"I always really liked the Spike/Giles relationship. That'd be really fun to play with. I also think I've got some great Xander stories in me. Maybe one of these days the stars will align and I'll get the chance."

If this guy gets to do even half of those ideas, I will be in heaven, I think! The interaction between Giles and Spike in BtVS S6e6 Tabula Rasa, not to mention the foreshadowing in BtVS S4e22 Restless (and how many of those other things have come true from that ep?), could set this up wonderfully. More Xander stories? I can only say "YAY!"
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This was the second of the two graphic novels I picked up at the library (see previous post for the other one). I will confess that I really has to force myself to do this - I generally find the Big Blue Boy Scout the least interesting of all the really major characters in comics. But, that said, I approached this with an open mind.

The evil spoiler-laden review is behind the cut. )
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In an effort to broaden my comic book horizons, I have been raiding the local library and grabbing graphic novels that I wouldn't usually read and this one of two that I grabbed last week.

The rest of the review is back here 'cos *SPOILERS*, you know ..... )
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I like this story, set, as it was, across three centuries and spanning several continents. Peter David really got Spike - the character in all his version as he changed over time. The TPB itself has a great cover gallery and generally looks great EXCEPT, and I have to say this - what the hell happened to the first ten pages of issue 5? I know that artists changed between issues 4 and 5 but the artwork in #5 seems to have had 2 different people draw it. Panel 1, page 2 and panel 3, page 4 are just awful. Who is that blond woman? Harmony - you are kidding and the blond guy? Spike? SPIKE? Not good - and yet, page 11, they are back.

That Peter David took the time to keep within canon for all the earlier stories is great and where he extends that canon, he does well there too. Spike's relentless pursuit, all for the sake of the famous "eleven quid", is just so in character that the story rings true. The final twist is great too - all that time and effort and - well, you will just have to go read it yourself.

In short, good stuff and as good Slayerverse comic as I have seen so far (with the exception of the two Tales - Slayers and Vampires respectively, which I think are both even better)
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I always liked Doug Petrie's writing on BtVS and he keeps in style enough that the Ring of Fire TPB feels like an episode that could have happened. Petrie never wrote the flashy stories nor the gimmicky ones - instead he wrote the arc drivers, as I call them, the ones that got to the heart of that season's main arc and then drove the story on from there.

This book does the same - set late S2, Angelus is in full swing and Spike is still wheelchair bound. We see all the consequences of recent events - Giles is devastated by the loss of Jenny and Buffy is torn apart by guilt, guilt over how Angelus came to reappear and guilt over what he has done upon his return. The story is well written and paced, even though I wish it could have been a little longer, and Sook's art, although not the most accurate rendition, does enough to get the essentials of the characters across and, indeed, adds to the overall feel of the story.

In short, one of the best of the BtVS TPB's with good story and art - a rarity amongst many of the early TPB's, sadly!


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