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It looks like shooting may start in January according to Spin-off On-line. No word on casting but that should start rolling out soon.
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Deadline is reporting that Drew Pearce has been hired to write the Runaways script. On the one hand, that means that BKV is out, which makes me worry for the direction the script will take. On the other hand, Pearce is the creator of No Heroics which I found absolutely hilarious. Time will tell.
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Managed to get to Perth today and hang around my favourite stores. First up was Quality Comics where I bought BtVS S8 #17 (Jeanty variant cover) - sadly no Chen covers left - and AtS: ATF #11. Then it was onto Empire Toys where I got Spike: ATF #1 and #2 (no link because the IDW site is such crap!) which was very nice, only then to stumble across the real gem: Runaways: Dead End Kids HC. WOOHOO! Plenty of reading to do in the next few days.
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Comic Book Resources has 7 preview pages for this issue, the very last of Joss' run on this comic.

They are all back here. )
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Comics Bulletin has 4 dialogue-less preview pages of this issue posted

and they are here. )
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I hadn't seen this cover before for the HC Joss' arc but I think it's great

and it's here. )
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Runaways on the big screen and BKV is writing it! WOOHOO!
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There are three pencilled-only review pages at MySpace Comic Books

and they are here. )
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Comic Book Resources has a blurb and a 6 page preview for this issue. It looks good but I haven't got a clue what's happening because I have really lost track of this story. I'll be getting this by TPB (or HC, like I did vol's 1, 2 and 3) so I'm not so bothered. One thing I have noticed with Joss' comic book writing is that sometimes it feels like the story is going very slowly when I read issue by issue but when I get the TPB where I can read a run of stories one after the other, the story is much much stronger. A lot of Joss' AXM stuff feels like that to me, for example.

Here's the preview pages any way. )
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The Comics Nexus Awards 2007 just announced their Characters Award winners. Joss won the teams awards twice - getting two of the teams in the three-way tie for first. AXM and Runaways tied with Nextwave.

He also got a Silver Nexus for Emma Frost in AXM.

Tomorrow are the awards for:
Best Writer
Best Artist
Best Editor
Best Breakout Talent
Best Company/Imprint
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Newsarama has the blurb and cover for issue 30, Joss' very last issue of Runaways

and they are both here. )
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We spent the afternoon rearranging bookcases and for the first time ever, all of my BtVS, AtS, AXM, and Serenifly books are in the same place.

Here's the result:

Large images behind the cut. )
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Comic Book Resources has 7 review pages of Runaways Issue #28

and they are all here. )
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Wizard Entertainment has the blurb and cover up for this issue

and they are both back here. )
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Major Spoilers has 3 review pages from Runaways #28, sadly without dialogue

but all three are here. )
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Great Joss/Brian K (what does that K stand for btw?) Vaughan interview over at CBR - but SPOILERS!

I did like this non-spoilery exchange:
JW: And in that vein, quick team-up one-shot: one Scoob and one Runaway. Who would be fun?

BKV: Spike/Molly is too easy, and Willow/Nico is too predictable, so I'm going to go with Xander and Chase; two dudes who would normally hate each other bridging the geek/jock divide with their mutual lack of powers/breathing love interests.

How about you?

JW: Well, my Willow/Karolina fic is a little ... hemn ... derivative, so I think I could rock out a Buffy/Xavin story. They both have a certain distance from the people around them, they're both very focused, and Buffy would be freaked out by Xavin's powers every single time. "Aah!" Every time. Gold.

I return to my earlier theory - BKV and Joss are secretly twins who were separated at birth!
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My local newsagent has been trying to order the BtVS S8 comics but have screwed up 4 times so I gave up today and went into Perth. I went into Quality comics but no luck so headed up to Empire Toys and there was issue #4 - and #5 too. WOOHOO! And at AUS$5-80 apiece, very affordable.

Now I am not quite sure how it happened but between that minor (but important) purchase and the counter, a mere ten or so paces away, the following magically appeared in my arms:
Buffy Omnibus vol. 1
Buffy Omnibus vol. 2
Angel: Auld Lang Syne TPB
Runaways vol. 3 HC and
Promethea Vol. 2 TPB.

AUS$220 lighter, I finally emerged, stunned and blinking in the bright sunlight.

I have got to stay out of that store!
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At Comics Continuum, there are 6 review pages. I know I already posted the first 3 but that was without dialogue so I'll post all six

right here. )
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Comicbook Resources has 3 preview pages up for this issue. Quite aside from the coolest cover ever for this issue (which I've already posted), the blurb is interesting too

and it's all behind the cut. )
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The August solicitations are out at Newsarama and the Runaways #28 cover is just gorgeous. Jo Chen, you take my breath away every time I see your work.

Cover and blurb are behind the cut )


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