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Just finished watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and the best lines of the entire series were in the very last few minutes of the last episode:

Gwen: How. Much. Bloody. Lipstick. Can. You. Wear. (as she beats up Sally Kitzinger)

but the best was saved for last:
Rex: *gasp*
Gwen: What?
Jack: What?
Rhys: What?
Gwen: What the Hell?
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I went down to JB Hi-Fi today with the sole intent of comparing prices on PS3's, I swear, but when I saw that they had 20% off DVD's, I just couldn't help myself: Dune (5 Disc), Torchwood: Miracle Day and The Event S1 were the result.
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From this review at Revolution SF, it sounds like the series has got off to a good start. It also sounds like it has managed to keep the Torchwoody quirkiness of the first three series. Let's hope this continues. I know it won't be on here for a while but I'll just have to wait.
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Den of Geek has some cast photos from Torchwood: Miracle Day - glad to see that everyone's looking much as expected!
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This looks better and better every time I see it

Trailer behind the cut. )
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According to TVShowsOnDVD, there will a 14 disc complete series release costing about US$120 and yet to get the same in R4, we still have to pay around US$265. Damnit!
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Wonderfully understated is the only way I can describe this one.

It's a miracle! )
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..... I just won't be able to watch it because it will be on Starz, starting on 8th July, according to TV Tonight!

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According to Airlock Alpha, the new series will start on 8th July in the US with the UK date likely to be very similar. I wonder when we'll get it here?
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Lauren Ambrose (of 6FU fame) is joining Torchwood, according to Total Sci-Fi Online. I love RTD's quote in the link - funny!
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According to (*SPOILERS* in the link) Total Sci-Fi,

cut for the phobes. )
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There's an excellent interview with John Fay at scyfilove talking about the writing process (including Jane Espenson, of course) for the new series and about some of John's past writing moments on the show. It's a fascinating insight into the writing processes on the show.
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From Spoiler TV, the synopsis and character descriptions are out for the new season. Of course, two of those descriptions aren't surprising but the third is interesting

and it's here with major *SPOILERS* )
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More details on where T:TNW starts and where it's going is in (WARNING *Spoilers* in the link) this interview on Blastr. If they do even half of what the interview suggests, it sounds like this series could be off to a great start. Let's hope!
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From the sounds of (WARNING: *SPOILERS* in link) this article on Airlock Alpha, Torchwood S4 will be going in an interesting direction. I'm curious already.
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It appears that Jane Espenson (along with John Shiban, Doris Egan and John Fay) will be writing an episode each on the new season, according to AirlockAlpha. Just when I thought the news couldn't get any better!
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According to Total Sci-Fi, Season 4 is definitely set to go.

*SPOILERS* here. )
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The Torchwood Online comic - the likenesses aren't bad, the characters respond like we might expect them to and the story, short as it is, is OK too. This will bear further watching, I feel.
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Just finished watching the Day Five and it didn't really work for me.

*SPOILERS* follow. )


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